What should we bring? 
Sunscreen, swim suit, hat, sunglasses, flip flops, flashlight, toiletries, snorkel gear if you’re planning to do that, and a good pair of walking shoes if you like to go on treks. For clothes, dress lightly – but make sure to bring a long-sleeve top if you’re coming in the winter because the nights can be a little cool. We will provide bath towels, hair dryer, beach towels and bed linen. 
Is it OK to travel with kids? 
La Playita beach (10 minutes from Chalet Tropical Village) is great for kids. The white sand and shallow waters create the perfect environment to enjoy the day and relax. We offer a crib to ensure your kid's sleep (but also your own!), and a high chair for your kids to eat at the table with you. The food is excellent and very healthy. 

Do I need Health Insurance? 
We always recommend that you do have travel insurance during your holiday. There is a small clinic and local doctors but it is best way to be covered in case of any emergency. 

Is it safe? 
Las Galeras is a safe and friendly town where most people are happy to help you out and answer your questions, even if your Spanish isn’t the best. But like many countries in this part of the world you should always be careful. At Chalet Tropical there’s nothing to worry about. We have a secure compound with a friendly 24h guard. Outside Chalet Tropical, we do not recommend that you go for long walks in the forrest without one of our guides. And on the beach you should always keep an eye on your belongings. 

How do we get there from the airport? 
The fastest and easiest way to get to Chalet Tropical Village from any of Dominican Republic’s airports is to have us arrange for a driver to pick you up. From El Catey Samana (AZS) the cost is US$ 90 one-way. Santo Domingo (SDQ) is the second closest option, US$ 190 one-way. Puerto Plata (POP) and Santiago (STI), the third preferred option, cost US$ 190. La Romana (LRM) and Punta Cana (PUJ) should be your last choice, around US$ 250 one-way. 
What is in our chalet? 
Every chalet has been designed to bring you most of the comforts of home. In addition to a TV, books in a variety of languages, a safe to store your valuables and the occasional surprise that a previous guest has left behind, you should have everything you need to eat, drink, cook and relax in your chalet. If you’re planning to do a lot of your own cooking you will need to stop in at one of the shops in Las Galeras to buy supplies. Other than that, bring soap, shampoo and you’re ready for Chalet Tropical! 

What is the difference between the chalets? 
Each chalet is one of a kind. Your heart is going to decide which one is the right for you. Staying in a guest house, Chalet 4 and Casa Taína may offer little less privacy than the other exclusively rented chalets. Also, the number of people sleeping in each chalet can point in different directions, but rest assured that wherever you end up, you're going to have a wonderful experience. 

What about breakfast? 
Your breakfast is served to you every morning between 8am and 10am. We offer a variety of options, including a gluten free one for people suffering of celiac disease. Our Dominican breakfast features the best of the local cuisine, including mangú which is made up of boiled mashed plantains topped with sautée red onions. To satisfy your sweet taste, we also offer fresh fruit salad and pancakes with local handmade jams, pineapple and coconut are the most popular. 

Where can we eat? 
In and around Las Galeras there are lots of great restaurants for you to choose from. From lobster to pizza, we have Dominican, Italian, French, Spanish cuisine. Make sure to experience the local fish, fried plantains and rice cooked for you on the beach by the locals. The average cost is around US$ 10 per person. 

What about tipping? 
Many restaurants will add a 10% service charge to your bill. If not, you can still leave a tip for your server. At Chalet Tropical, our maids will clean your house every day. While it’s not expected, tipping them is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. For everyone – drivers, guides and people who take you on local excursions – tipping is at your discretion (an average 5% is considered acceptable). 
What types of excursions and activities can we do?
In and around Las Galeras there are lots of daytrips to choose from. You can take a motorboat to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world like Playa Rincón, Playa Frontón, Playa Colorada and Playa Madama. Or you can have a local guide to take you on a walk where he will describe all of the local plants, animals and culture. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving with accredited professionals. You can go zip lining in nearby Samaná. You can visit Los Haitises National Park to learn about Samaná’s indigenous people, the Tainos. You can go whale watching for humpbacks whales between January and March. You can rent an ATV and create your own adventure. At Chalet Tropical Village, we can arrange every day trip and transportation. 
What can we buy in Las Galeras? 
Even though Las Galeras is a very small town it will still provide you with just about everything you need or want to buy. Our two main stores have all of the groceries you might want for snacking or cooking in your chalet. Roadside stalls have fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits available. There is a pharmacy where you can buy sunscreen, personal products, general medications and more. There are shops to buy beer, international wines, spirits and a wide range of excellent Dominican rums. And there are souvenir and gift shops selling special Dominican items like woodcarvings, paintings by local artists, cigars and jewelry featuring national treasures like larimar, amber, turquoise, black coral and polished shell. 
Can we change money? 
Banco Reservas is just a 5-minute walk into Las Galeras. You can easily exchange US dollars and Euros and use their bank ATM to withdraw cash using your Visa, Mastercard or bank debit card. There is a limit of US$90 withdraw per day. There is also a Western Union office in the main road, close to the bank.



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