The Samaná peninsula, green, natural and exuberant, has its purest version in Las Galeras. It is not a place for everyone, only for those who really appreciate the encounter with seven virgin, pristine beaches and where the contrast of the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains appears before the eyes with absolutely magical tones.

With 35% of its territory declared as protected areas, Las Galeras still preserves the essence of its biodiversity and its ecosystems while still offering a large number of opportunities for those seeking comfort or adventure or the enjoyment of both in an environment peaceful where the sound of nature marks the rhythm of life.


With a population of around 10,000 inhabitants in 132 square kilometers, Las Galeras allows the enjoyment of almost private spaces. Its inhabitants, who love this land, are mostly farmers and fishermen, when they are not engaged in activities related to tourism.

Las Galeras is an internationally certified destination for having a sustainable development approach based on the conservation of its biodiversity.

Caring for Las Galeras is a commitment assumed by all the residents of this little piece of peninsula, who intend to provide an opportunity for healthy, safe and magic-filled vacations, only for people looking for a connection with the very essence of this land.


Chalet Tropical, ubicado en el mismo corazón de Las Galeras, es un lugar que para entenderlo, tienes que vivirlo. Cabañas individuales decoradas con madera recicladas, pequeñas piscinas privadas en piedras naturales con cascadas iluminadas en la noche, dentro de sus exuberantes jardines, flores y aromas… un lugar para todos: pareja, amigos, familias y grupos, pueden contar con un servicio personalizado que busca superar las expectativas de sus visitantes.

En Chalet Tropical nos hemos certificado como un hotel que respeta la biodiversidad y nuestros jardines son una muestra de la flora local y de la fauna local.  Nos esforzamos por cumplir con los criterios internacionales que hacen de nosotros un alojamiento sostenible y gracias a ello hemos recibido diversos premios y reconocimientos. 

En estos tiempos de Covid-19, estamos cumpliendo con los protocolos de prevención casi “naturalmente”, siendo los Chalé como pequeñas oasis privadas o bien distanciadas, que de si mismo cumplen con las reglas saludables, ideales para una feliz vacación!

Our History

Chalet Tropical Village opened its doors in 2006 with the initial objective of standing out among the other establishments in the area. The idea was to create something different, accommodations that could make the client feel at home while in full contact with the local nature!


An unique experience!

The chalets, with their original architecture, are perfectly integrated into the environment, being built with natural materials such as palm leaves, wood and stone.
The colors and decorations are mixed with the services of the houses, to create our own “rustic-elegant” style, to relax and get excited in this beautiful corner of tropical paradise. The charm of the lush tropical gardens, the ventilated terraces and the refreshing swimming pools will seduce you.
Our courteous and attentive staff will make sure all your needs are met.

Let us show you a true Dominican Paradise!

It is the heart that pumps the energy to the Tropical Chalet. Short in stature but large in spirit, of Italian nationality and Dominican soul, Sarah is a lover of nature and uses her creativity to create the rustic, elegant, colored and natural style that is fully lived at Chalet Tropical!
Sarah lives with the same joy as the Dominican, who is recognized for facing everyday life with an eternal smile. Its positivity, energy, courage and creativity make CHALET TROPICAL an icon of sustainability and respect for the biodiversity of Las Galeras.

Thanks also to the collaboration of her Dominican husband William Batista (Eco Mueble Las Galeras) she was recently able to enlarge the project and complete the beautification of Chalet Tropical with the renovation of the lush gardens, with the creation of natural stone pools with waterfalls and with the functional installation of air-conditioners in all rooms…. all welcome details, most of all from our Dominican and American visitors!